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Love at First Sight!

I adopted Brandi from a rescue 1 hour away. When I saw her sweet face on the Internet I just knew she was my girl! I took her home when she was 10 weeks old and I will never forget the sweetest look of ultimate trust in her eyes as she lay beside me during the car ride home. We have been through a lot together and she is my very best friend in the world! I would not part with her for anything. She turns 7 next week and I never miss an opportunity to tell her that mommy loves her and that she's a good girl (even when she shows her very mischievous side!). Adopt from a rescue - save a life and yours will never be the same!

Mercer, PA


Here is our gorgeous girl Tina, or Teeny Weeny as she is often called. We found Tina on the Pet Rescue site 2 months ago, she was being looked after by a foster carer. Now we have three wonderful dogs. Boysie, Bella and Tina play together and give us such joy. From the first day we fell in love with Tina, she comes to our shop every day and so many people want to take her home! We urge everyone to adopt an animal, people tell us Tina is lucky to have found us but we feel we are the lucky ones to have found her. Thank you to all those wonderful foster carers and shelters who do such amazing work.

Revati and Ojas
Burrawang, Australia

My sweet Charlie

I adopted Charlie, a lab/husky mix, when he was about 3 months old. He was originally found in the woods, with ticks all over him, scrawny and nearly blind. Charlie had congenital cataracts so was never able to see very well...but that didn't slow him down a bit. He came into our family when we all needed healing, and was there until he passed on two months ago, at age 14. He was my gentle boy and I will always be grateful for being in my life. Adopted pets are the most rewarding experiences I have had, and plan to find my next family member there as well.

Janie K
Lexington, NC

Penny for my thoughts

I saw Penny's picture in the paper from the SPCA where I lived and had wanted a second dog to keep my Jack Russell Jennie company. I took Jennie to meet Penny at the SPCA and they tolerated each other so after Penny was spayed, we brought her home and she has been the queen of the house ever since. The two played and chased until their tongues hung out. We lost Jennie a few years ago and have another girl, Dolly now who showed up at my Niece's ranch. I will always have a rescue dog, they make the absolute best pets ever. Judy, Edmond OK.

Judy Driskel
Edmond, OK

Lucky the street dog from the Puppy Mill Capital of the US

Hi my name is Lucky. I am a lucky dog because they found me living on the streets in central Missouri - Puppy Mill Capital of the US. I am lucky because I was rescued and adopted while so many of my friends are not. Many dogs are euthanized here because we are overloaded. Please help us. Please adopt and don't buy from a petshop. Petstore dogs come from puppy mills. While these cute puppies are bought, their parents live a horrible life confined in a cage for life treated as a commodity and not as a pet. If you want a purebred, they are also dumped into shelters and rescues. Don't buy either on the internet. Support your state and rescue a dog like me. That is how I got my name Lucky. Help me help my friends!

Linda Grant
Boonville, MO

Lily is our New Year baby.

I brought Lily home from Fur Keeps Animal Shelter on New Year's Eve. She had been abandoned on the street sometime before Christmas. She was very thin and her fur was all matted. The 2 weeks she lived on the street she was too afraid to let anyone get close enough to her to save her. Finally, cold and hungry she let them crate her and bring her to the shelter. An hour later I stopped by the shelter hoping to find my perfect little girl and there she was. The first time I saw her she licked my finger between the bars of the crate door and I knew I had finally found my forever little girl. She was spayed that day and I brought her home the next morning. Lily is such a joy to be around. She is so very smart that learning tricks or commands come easy and quick to her. The great enthusiasm, energy and excitement she has for life keep us smiling all the time. She also is very warm and gentle and loves to sit on my lap and cuddle. We also have a cat, Docker, that she has bonded with and who she thinks is her best friend. We believe that she is four paws full of love, joy and wonder and we are the lucky ones to have her as the forever addition to our family.

Mary Ellen Hall
South Barrington, IL


We adopted Hershey last July. He was transported out of San Bernardino, Calif. along with other little chihuahuas and chiX's. He was going to be put to sleep when the rescue organization pulled him and sent him out here to Montana. He is the best little buddy ever. He has fit right in with our sled dogs - Siberian Huskies! He is the King! As you can see he loves the wood stove and playing ball. Adopting a rescue will give you a loving, life long friend!

Cilla Moseley
Seeley Lake, MT

Homer is finally home

Homer was a feral cat that I spotted in an alley by my house. He was such a tiny young thing, no more than a year old. With the help and guidance of a local shelter, I made it my mission to capture him so that I could take him to a shelter for adoption. I already had three cats and one more was really not in my plans. Needless to say, Homer never made it to the shelter. I couldn't imagine him with anyone else. He has joined the family and is affectionately called Little Gray.

Stefani L.
Chicago, IL

Our Big Boy Drake

All of our dogs are rescues. About a year and a half ago, we decided we wanted to add an older lab to our pack. When we saw Drake's picture on the SPCA website, we went to meet him and immediately fell in love. He has turned out to be perfect, so calm, laid back and gentle. I have had him certified as a therapy dog, and we visit seniors at an assisted living facility. Everyone who meets him falls in love with him. At 106 lbs. Drake is our big boy! We love him dearly.

Chesapeake City, MD

Our Girl "Honey"

I was looking for an older dog to rescue. Every time I thought I had found the dog, someone else adopted it. I have always had dogs and about a year ago I lost my beloved Zip to an accident. So, it was time to find a dog that needed a good home. It was my first day at POPP (Pet Over Population Prevention) volunteering and I was told there was a 1 year old lab/terrier mix coming into the program and that I should look at her. She was in a cage when I got there. I kept telling myself she was still a puppy and I wanted a dog that was out of the puppy stage. However, she saw me and started wagging her tail and every time she couldn't see me, she would start whining. I ended up sitting with her in her cage, telling myself if no one adopted her, I would. Well, that day I took her home! She has such a personality...a real comedian; she keeps us laughing all the time. She is a quick learner, hardly ever barks and is my constant companion. If you are looking for a dog, please consider the shelters. There are so many great dogs that just need a second chance.

Sharron Wart
Pasco, WA
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