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Obie Wan

We were blessed with Obie on 01/02/2010 when some friends of ours showed us a kitten they had found in December. He was found in a ditch with his head mushed in a bit because it looked like someone threw him in the ditch. It was 11F and there was snow on the ground. He didn't even have his eyes open yet! I was so torn on taking him because we had already TNR'd 7 feral cats in our backyard & had 3 in the house. BUT there was something about him I couldn't resist, so we took him home. He had to be bottle fed & it was harder for me to stop it than it was for him! After having him for a week I knew I couldn't give him up! He is so gentle & won over the hearts of the other kitties.We have now rescued 2 more kittens & he is the one helping them feel at home.He is now 1 1/2 yrs. old & is huge!He weighs 20 lbs & is solid muscle.So sweet & is the best cat ever!!!He makes us laugh daily.He is a Beautiful Russian Blue.I wish more people would give cats a chance. Everyone loves dogs, and so do we, but not everyone loves cats. They need our help! Please if you see a stray cat outside and it doesn't look like it is fixed, trap it and take it to your State Spay/Neuter program and get it done! This is the only way to stop the cruelty these animals go through by being neglected or abused. If someone doesn't want their animal fixed then they should make sure they stay at home! I fix strays, not just my own! Fix them or I will! Take a stand to help! PLEASE!!!!!

Owasso, OK

Well hello bully!

It was New Years Eve and a cold one at that when I found him outside my mothers door as I was walking out.I couldn't believe my eyes as I exclaimed "a pit bull puppy!" and ran out to take him to my home two doors down.I looked in the papers etc and no one was looking for him and there was no room at the shelter that does take pitties. The local SPCA helped with food and several people helped with his vet care when he became ill with what I think was Parvo.I thought I wouldn't be able to keep him and tried to find him a home but it didn't work out and I fell in love and bonded with Jasper. I could never give him up now and I can tell you I have not had a bond like this with any other dog in my life! He was not socialized and seemed as if he had been roughed up a bit as if he were meant to fight. Also his ears were cut with scissors and I have come to find out where he most likely came from and was told he had tried to escape several times! I am so thankful he found me. It really is difficult to put it all into words but if you can help save a life ,human or animal, you will be rewarded in so many ways! And you never know, that animal may return the favor someday or everyday for that matter! Jasper is now well socialized and hangs out with my two cats. As a matter of fact he is quite protective of the cats as much as me, we are all just part of the pack!

Adria Sowell
Midland, TX

The tiny one

This little lady was at a shelter in Shippenville, PA. I heard they had a daschund mix and since our last adopted doxie had passed away - we had a big hole in our hearts that only a dog could fill. I went to the shelter and saw this little chihuahua/daschund in a crate with the little puppies. She didn't say a word when they took her out to meet me. She just shivered and looked up at me with her big black crossed eyes. Only a mom could love a face like that. I took her home that night. We called her Chi-Chi. That was seven and a half years ago and I still love her as much today.

Amy J Murphy
Hamilton, PA

One sweet Candy Baby

We adopted Candy from Paphaven Rescue group. She was found in the streets and very ill. Someone just let this sweet girl go and did not even care to find her. She has had two families and now she is in her forever home with us! She is handicapped with an old leg injury. It does not stop her one bit. She out runs our younger Papillon and our cat during play time. We like to she she is not handicapped but Candycapable! :)

janice S.
santa cruz, CA

He picked me

It was a rainy August night when he found me. The storms had been going on for days, everything was soaked and most of the streets and parking lots were flooded. I was in the middle of cleaning the kitchen to prepare dinner when I heard it. It was the saddest, most helpless cry I had ever heard, loud enough to come through my door and the noise I was making. I dropped everything and ran out the door to see what on earth it was, only to be greeted by a shivering, soaked, dirty, and hungry three month old kitten, staring at me with huge frightened eyes. I thought maybe he belonged to a neighbor since our apartments had a lot of cat owners. No one had ever seen him before, not even as a stray. I scooped him up and brought him inside where it was warm and dry. I fed him and made him a litter box, and he promptly curled up and passed out after eating. After his long sleep, I spent the next two days hand picking every flea and tick off of him - he was covered. He never protested, never tried to fight the water as I rinsed him. This was his home and I was his person, he decided. Several vet trips and years later, he grew into a healthy, fluffy, gentle giant. He is currently 3 years old and about 14 pounds, stands about 4 inches higher than most cats and fully stretched out he is almost 3 feet long! I am blessed that Atticuss chose me as his person. I couldn't have asked for a better friend!

Yukon, OK

Rescued twice

Romeo was first found as a small kitten in a closed cardboard box next to a dumpster in the middle of winter. My best friend's then husband Phil took him home. When Romeo was old enough he was taken to the Vet to be neutered and declawed. I can't believe a Vet would do it, but they took both the front and back claws. As Romeo grew he would pester their other cat "Baby". Phil decided that he didn't want Romeo and was going to take him out into the woods and shoot him. When I heard of this, I told him there was no way I would allow that to happen. I said I would take Romeo even though I had 2 other cats. The day I went and got Romeo I was just going to put him in the car as for most of the time, he was a very laid back cat. Well, once we got outside, Romeo freaked out and bit my arm as hard as he could. I dropped him. He must have hit a small vein as blood was squirting out of my arm. I told the sons to get Romeo and put him in the pet carrier while I received first aide. Twice I had to get antibiotics for cat bites. For quite a while Romeo was a biter. He is a Maine Coon so he needs to be brushed. Wouldn't let me, so I took him to the Vet and they did a sedate and shave. Oddly enough, once I started doing that once a year, he no longer bites. I got married and moved into my husbands home with the cats. My husband already had a yellow Lab named Toby. No problems. In fact, Toby is afraid of the cats!

Margaret F Oakley
Troy, IL


In 2007 a wind storm had blown a tree onto my home and knocked a baby squirrel out of hers and into my care. After tending to her for a week I found a wildlife rehabilitator willing to take her. While visiting the rehaber, I met her foster dog Rainey. Rainey was so frightened of people that she hid in the corner furthest from us, wouldn't dare look at us, and curled in a ball and shivered when approached or touched. My heart broke for her. I knew her, because she reminded me of myself, as I was battling depression. I took her home and for 2 months I made minimal, but frequent contact with her, allowing her to come to me, lying down next to her, etc.. That was 3 yrs ago and today she is recovered, loving attention from people (especially back scritches), and happy. She has taught me much along the way and has helped me heal as well.

East Galesburg, IL

The Silent One

My husband and I live in a college town and sadly, students frequently abandon their pets upon graduating or leaving for the summer. It was the weekend after summer classes ended and my husband and I went on a walk through the apartment complex not far from our home. We heard her before we saw her. And when we finally spotted her, I could not believe such a tiny animal could make such a ruckus! She was crying louder than I’d ever heard a kitten - or cat! - cry before.

I scooped her up from next to the dumpster, and we promptly walked her home – her squirming in my arms and crying the whole way there. She wasn’t supposed to stay with us (we already had four cats at the time), but my husband made the grave mistake of giving her a temporary name – Tramp, like a tramp on the street – while we held onto her before turning her over to the humane society. But that never happened.

Sometime that night or the next morning, I decided we desperately needed to keep her, and so we did. Soon after she went to her first vet’s appointment where we learned that she was in rough shape – she weighed only a little over half a pound, was five weeks old, had fleas, had lice, and had worms. A pretty rotten start!

But it’s only gotten better from there. Three years later, she remains one of the sweetest, most grateful cats ever. And as a kitten who cried louder than I’d ever heard? Now she rarely makes a sound. My husband says it’s because she used her entire voice to alert us; I say it’s because she just doesn’t have to cry anymore.

Katherine Najacht
Bowling Green, OH

Little Miss Meow Meow

I went to the local shelter looking for a kitten but I did not see any that interested me and I kept coming back to this cage labeled Arwyn. An all Black 5 year old cat, front declawed, spayed and unwanted. Her sign had been marked with red meaning she was soon to be put to sleep for being a shelter cat too long. I couldn't let that be done, she had such a sweet face. I was put in the adoption room with her and well I had walked in wearing pink cotton but I left in black fur...I loved her right away and she was so happy to be out of that cage...Now she runs my apartment like she owns the place and she is happy and alive. It took awhile to pick a name for her cuz she was very skittish for the first couple months but once she started meowing she never stopped (except to sleep) so her name of "Little Miss Meow Meow" stuck!

Brighton, MI


Relentless little kitten adopted me at a gas station, he was all scratched up and missing front teeth but so relentlessly affectionate I decided to bring him to a pet store, they refused to take him because Halloween is not a good time to sell cats in the south. That was 8 years ago-he’s my sunshine and still relentlessly affectionate, my goodwill ambassador. Last year a kitten was left at our local McDonalds, it took two days to catch her but so worth it, and amazing as it sounds, relentlessly affectionate to my 8 year old cat, sooooo when my daughter brought home a kitten that was left to die, she was so weak she had no fight in her when I bathed her. She is relentlessly affectionate and huge now; it’s an amazing team, a family. I think they know they are safe here and the best part of any animal is their ability to have complete joy in just knowing you are loved.

santee, SC
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