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Duke Bingo Spice

We found Duke under a freeway underpass in downtown Los Angeles last year- a very skinny, seriously neglected boy. In less then a year with a great deal of love and care, as well as gaining 17lbs., Duke has blossomed into a marvelous companion and has changed our lives in so many wonderful ways. He is a testament to the strength and inner beauty that all animals have- if only given a chance. Doing the "right" thing isn't always the easiest (just asked our two, twelve year old cats) but in the end- we are rewarded every day. We want to thank all the wonderful people that have helped and loved Duke this past year!

Freddy F.
Los Angeles, CA

Dioji and Boo.

First to come into my life was Dioji, rescued from a horrible existence in northern bc. It was love at first sight as he was not the doggie I had viewed online but he was the doggie that went home with me. Despite his anxiety, a result of his awful early life, he is a therapy dog for older adults living with dementia and mental health challenges. He sits like the little prince that he imagines himself to be, soaking up the love whenever he goes to work with me. Just before he turned 3, I saw a picture of a lovely greyhound chi cross a high kill shelter. I started to cry and told a friend if she could get him to me that Dioji would have a brother for his birthday. She was on a plane within a week, pup stowed safely beneath the seat in his new carry on. That was 8 weeks ago and Boo has fallen in love with us as much as we have with him. The two dogs are inseperable and Dioji is teaching Boo how to be a happy, safe, and calm dog. In return Boo is teaching Dioji to have a bit of swagger at the dog park. And they are both teaching me what a blessing it is to adopt rescue dogs, over, and over again!!!

Burnaby, BC, Canada

Little Orphan Annie - No More!

Annie and I were both in the right place at the right time. She showed up at a rifle range during a shooting match when I was keeping statistics. This rifle range is literally in the middle of a National Forest in the Colorado Mountains. Her rescue was a team effort; I just got to adopt her.

One shooter asked me, "Have you seen the cat?"

"You know that I'm a Crazy Cat Lady, right?"

"That's why I told you."

She ventured inside the "Stat-Hut" a couple minutes later. With some soft words and sitting very still she decided to climb into my arms. She definitely wasn't feral! But she was skinny, dirty, had ticks and was tiny -- I guessed her to be *maybe* 4 months old (the vet later said 6-8 months).

As the shooters came in to hand in their scorecards the kindness of these gun-toting-NRA-guys began. One had canned cat food in his truck (really!); another brought in his bottled water for her; another brought in bowls; another found a box to transport her to Denver in; another gave her an old shirt so she would be comfortable in the box. She was definitely the star of the show. Everyone petted her. So much for that gun-toting-NRA-guy stereotype!

She was supposed to be a foster. FAIL!

She climbed right into both of our hearts and has my husband wrapped around her paw, and he's the one she had to convince. I don't know how she survived in the forest. She should have been a light snack. She probably told them "I'm not food" and they listened.

She is our perpetual kitten. Always curious, no fear, always playful. Cute as the dickens, too! She was an orphan out in the big forest, but she's safely home now.

Lakewood, CO

Bela the Shibug

We adopted Bela as a 8 year old in need of a home. Because of her obvious jaw issues and impressive underbite she was proving difficult to place, but we fell in love with her the minute we saw her. She is a Shiba Inu & Pug mix and has no idea that her nose is crooked or that your teeth aren't supposed to stick out like that! She is so smart and happy and we have been blessed to have her in our lives. Please consider adopting adult animals. They have so much love still to share!

Jenelle Kullman
Westminster, CO

Pawpaw & Mollie

Pawpaw showed up on my doorstep near death & crawled in my lap. He had a collar & tag on. I called - no cat. I went to the address - vacant. I had him scanned for a microchip - nothing. I made flyers. It broke my heart that someone was missing such a loving cat! I had him tested for FELV and upon being negative, had him IV'd and mended. He is now my office cat & official lap warmer/greeter. The tabby next to him (Mollie) showed up at my office on the 4th of July with her 2 siblings....4 weeks old, scared to death & starving. Pawpaw (due to 2 extra toes on both front feet) took them all in and I found homes for the other two, but Mollie is here to stay! My motto is: Do something worthwhile. Save a stray. Save a life. (it always saves me just as much!)

Kimberly @ Windgate Saddlery
Monrovia, CA

The rescued pack

This is my mom giving treats to the pack, all rescues. From left to right: Frisbee has only one eye because the other one was scratched by litter mates before he was weaned, became infected and had to be removed. Georgie lived on the streets for an unknown period of time before being hit by car and ending up at the shelter where her left front leg was amputated. Chewie is Frisbee's sister, and has to take phenobarbital for seizures, which doctors have been unable to to determine the cause of. Brandie was a farm dog who liked to run with the coyotes until she was shot and had to have her left front leg amputated, ending up as a therapy dog at my mom's work (a nursing home) until she was "fired" for being too shy and only following my mom around. Georgie and Brandie recently passed away. They were very old ladies, and it just became too hard for them to get around on three legs. They will always be loved and missed.

Shayla J.
Albany, OR


Bobbi was found in a ditch in February in Manitoba Canada where temps can get to -30 C. He was skinny sick and on his way to freezing to death. We do the cleaning at the local vet clinic where he was taken ,and I would take him out of his cage and love him up while I was there. He got to where when he saw me he'd do this little whoop cry and reach through the bars. His ears were both frozen off and half his tail was frozen and hard but I just fell in love with him. We had him neutered and brought him home and he fit in just fine with our other 15 rescue cats but I must say he is my favorite. When you are by a counter he jumps up and wraps his little paws around your neck. The tail has finally dropped off about half way down so that's why the name Bobbi but he's a happy little boy anyway.

Linda Desjardins
Riding Mountain, MB, Canada

Pink and Floyd

My 16 year old cat, Ethel, just died and I was not ready for another cat. A colleague at work told me that someone abandoned two kittens at a pet supply store in Queens, New York. I was very hesitant since I was still grieving over Ethel. However I decided to adopt the two cats. Once the carrier was opened in my apartment and the two of them walked out, I was madly in love. They helped me feel better and now I adore the two of them. They are wonderful cats.

Vivian Rosenberg
New York, NY

My loveable scamp, Piggy

On a warm day in March '09 this slender tabby cat wandered into my home and my heart. After unsuccessfully searching for an owner I accepted him as my own. He was always in the food bowl and he was the sloppiest eater I had ever seen. Piggy seemed an appropriate name. He got Rudy to play again and aggravated some life into senior citizen Maggie. Barely 2 years later, at the approximate age of 4, he passed away due to kidney failure. A short life but I hope a happy one. His housemates and I miss him very much.

Jackie Howell
New Martinsville, WV

Meet Cookie

We meet Cookie at my boyfriends parents house 2 years ago on New Years Day. She had been abandoned and was being feed by the neighbors but they could not keep her. One look at that beautiful face and we new she would be coming home with us. She joined our other Argentine strays Valentina, Sarra, Jack and Kea (dog), as well as our Hong Kong stray Harry. Next year the whole family will be moving to the USA.

Debbie Ramsay
Cordoba, Argentina
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