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Amos - Our Sweet Feral Kitten

One day in November 2010 we stopped to get gas on our way home from a motorcycle day trip. While my husband filled up the tank I looked around and saw a tiny kitten sitting at the front door of the store meowing at people as they went in and out of the store. I walked closer to the kitten who was scared of me, but he was curious enough to look at me and he meowed louder and louder. He was so scrawny and hungry. I went into the store and found they had a couple of cans of cat food to sell. I bought a can and took it out to feed the kitten. He gobbled up some of the food and by that time my husband came over to see him. My husband ended up going home to get the truck so we could take the kitten home. We named him Amos Moses since as the old song says, "he could eat up his weight in groceries." Amos is now the youngest of our three cats. The vet said he was four months old when he came home to us but barely weighed a pound. Now he's almost as big as my other two cats and he's an unexpected but wonderful part of our little family. Rescued pets are the best - I have two of them!

Sheri Pequeno
Clinton, SC

Meant to Be

I was one of the volunteers working hard in frigid temperatures to round up dogs on an Indian Reservation where a "if they are found, they will be shot" ban was about to take effect in the subsidized housing divisions. I found Adaline (aka Noodle) running down one of the side streets. It took a little bit of patience and some kibble but she eventually came close enough and I was able to scoop her up. The bond was immediate and she hasn't left my side since. Friends and family say that we were "meant to be" and I can't agree more! She is a perfect fit into our family and I love her with my entire being.

Ellie R
Bloomington, MN

Ally Cat

Ally cat was a feral kitty when she was rescued. She weighed 1 lb. 6 oz. with a club foot and a bad cut above her eye. My friend already had several animals she had rescued and needed a home for Ally. The minute she described her and her special needs, I knew she was meant to be mine. I've had other pets during my life, but I have never loved an animal more. She brings so much joy and laughter into our home. I don't know what I would do without her.

Mary Chaulk
Farminton, NM

Truly Magic

Magic was found by a neighbor under a bush in the rain. She was 4 weeks old and malnutritioned. My son was about to start the 8th grade. He is now in his second year of college and she is his best friend. I am not sure though if he owns her or if she owns him, but I do know that our love for her is unending. I could not imagine a day without our Magic. Please rescue an animal, it will change your life forever.

Stephanie Riley
Wilmington, DE

Short but sweet

My husband and I weren't planning on getting another cat, but when we walked into the little cat area at the mall and heard the talkative calico I couldn't help but ask to take her into a play room. I was told she was 3 years old but less than 6 pounds. She seemed ok, though very skinny. Her info said she was a stray, but since she was declawed it was obvious she was once someone's pet. My husband and I fell in love with her gentle nature and adorable patchwork face. We named her Caramel and took her home. Unluckily she came down with what we thought was a cold a few days later....when antibiotics didn't work we rushed her to the vet....but the next day she passed away in her sleep (we found out she had lung growths which no one knew about until it was too late). We only had her for about a week, but we feel that we were sent to give her a comfy home with lots of love before she passed on. Sometimes pets are only around for a short time, but leave paw prints on your heart forever. Caramel will never be forgotten.

Lancaster, NY

My "Kit"

Kit was left behind when his owners moved away. It took two weeks before he would allow me to pet him, but when he did, I fell in love. It was obvious that he had been fighting for his meals and to survive, because he showed up one night with his front legs mauled. I rushed him to the vet for major surgery and his legs were saved from amputation. He now has separation issues but he never has to worry about being separated from us. This big 14 lb boy is a lifelong member of this family.

Michele K.
Las Vegas, NV

2 Men and a Lady

All 3 of my cats were adopted. Pearl, the gray long hair tabby I've had since 1998, and she is my girl. Bohdie, the white short haired kitty and Slider, the poser in front, I adopted in 2005 from a family that needed to find a home for both. Since they were already 8 years old I knew finding a home outside a shetler would be tough. So while I wasn't looking for 2 additions, I couldn't imagine my life without them.

kansas city, MO

Raja and Kobe

This is Raja and Kobe. My dad brought them home June 2010. I was in Vegas when I got a call from my mom saying my dad had kittens at his work living under a storage shed and asked if I could find them homes. We had decided to keep one. When I got home from Veagas my dad brought 2 kittens home. They were so small we had to feed them kitten formula.

We we were trying to figure out which one to keep my sister wanted to Keep Raja (Brown Stripes) and I wanted to Keep Kobe Ann (Grey and White). So we ended up keeping them both. They are so amazing. they get along with my other cat Oreo. He raised them like his kittens. They are happy little cats in their forever home =]

Albuquerque, NM


Drizzy was born in an Abilene, TX pound in 2009 to a dachshund mother brought in so skinny no one knew she was pregnant until she gave birth. My daughter's friend from boot camp (they are both in the United States Air Force) went to adopt a bulldog, but saw the puppy Drizzy and ended up adopting her instead. However, six weeks later he was deployed, and was going to give her back, but my daughter said she would have Drizzy. My daughter then drove 5 hours one way (from Oklahoma City, OK) to get her. Then, in May 2010, she had to deploy, so Drizzy came to stay with us. At first, she was only going to stay for a few months until my daughter came back home, but Drizzy made such an impact in our lives, especially to my husband who sustained a traumatic brain injury in October 2009 from a motorcycle accident and continues to have problems because of this, and Drizzy made him feel better. My daughter made the difficult decision to allow us to keep Drizzy.

My daughter has since returned safe and sound, and has adopted a new dog...from her local shelter of course!

Newark, DE

Meet our kids

Hello all! We adopted two Papillons last September because they were given to a rescue group. Should start from the beginning. We have an RV and were looking to adopt a 1 or 2 yr old small dog to travel with us. I researched and decided that a Papillon would fit the bill perfectly. So I started looking and came across a posting from SouthPaw Rescue. I read about Tiffany (8) and Chance (6) who had been together since Chance was a pup. BAM! Could not bear to see them seperated at this point in their lives. Sooooo as they were in Kansas and I in NY the rescue and I arranged for "Last Chance Highway" to transport them to NY. We drove an hour and a half upstate to meet them on 9/11/11. I cannot begin to tell you how wonderful they are. They make us laugh everyday and are the most loving, well behaved animals ever! She is definitely the Alfa dog of the two and does not know the meaning of the word come if she is engaged, but other than that they are next to perfect! They have given us sooo much love. SENIORS ROCK!!!!! Have a wonderful week all :-) .

Janice D McFadden
West babylon, NY
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